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Supa Fresh
Supa Fresh

Supa Fresh
Supa Fresh
Phone +61 8 9414 3871

+61 419 047 097 (Troy Cukrov)
+61 408 190 148 (Danny Cukrov)

Facsimile +61 89499 3517
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"Quality Produce International are very happy to supply our consumers with Supafresh Products!

The high quality demanded by our customers is equally matched by that of the team at Supafresh...

Keep up the good work…"

“Society’s pace is becoming increasingly hectic. Fresh foods that are easy and quick to prepare as well as having visual appeal are becoming the product of choice. Supafresh is a rapidly expanding company that produces fresh leafy salads for the food service sector. In a very short time, Supafresh Baby Leaves has become the market’s leading fresh salad maker, producing a superior product in sealed packaging that ensures extended shelf life. This means fresher salads for longer. The product is pre washed, making preparation easier and faster.

Supafresh carefully manage their stock levels to ensure consumers are still able to be supplied with product even when poor weather threatens supply. Supafresh Baby Leaves supply an exceptional quality product to consumers all year round. Fresh Express is proud of the relationship it has built with the company.”

“Bell-Vista Fruit & Veg are extremely pleased with the quality products supplied to us from "Supafresh"

Our customers demand premium lettuce mixes, packed under strict food handling procedures. With "Supafresh" we are assured of this. The use of the latest technology sealed packaging, on all their lettuce products give Bell-Vista and our customers, peace of mind on any contamination issues that can happen with unsealed products.

Bell-Vista is proud of our long and valued partnership with Supafresh.”

Supa Fresh
Baby Spinach Baby spinach is considered one of the world’s healthiest vegetable choices. It contains at least 13 compounds researchers have identified as antioxidants. Baby Spinach is fat and cholesterol free, low in calories, high in folate (up to 40 percent of daily requirement per serve) and magnesium. Spinach is an excellent source of vitamin A (up to 70 percent of daily requirement per serve), vitamin C (up to 25 percent of daily requirement per serve) and iron (up to 20 percent of daily requirement per serve). Spinach also provides vitamin K, which helps blood coagulate and which, along with calcium, vitamin D and phosphorous, is important for strong bones. And it just tastes great!!!
Baby Spinach

Baby Cos Supafresh Baby Cos is the chefs choice. Baby Cos leaves are selected fresh from the field, then trimmed, washed and bagged ready for the plate. Baby Cos Leaves have a superior flavor to traditional cos and a far sweeter taste to the palate. Baby Cos leaves contain no fat or cholesterol, are low in calories and rich in nutrients and are packed with nutrition. They are an excellent source of vitamin A (up to 40 percent of daily requirement per serve), vitamin K, folate, vitamin C (up to 20 percent of daily requirement per serve), calcium, iron, manganese, and chromium. Supafresh Baby Cos leaves are a versatile choice to enhance any meal.
Baby Cos

Mesculin Sadad Mix Supafresh Mesculin Mix is a premium selection of red and green coral, red and green oak, fine chicory, radicchio, spinach with a sprinkling of asian herbs, including mizuna, tatsoi, swiss chard, beetroot and rocket. This recipe has been chosen to enhance both visual and taste sensations – it tastes as good as it looks. Supafresh Mesculin contains no fat or cholesterol, is high in vitamin A (up to 50 percent of daily requirement per serve), vitamin C, iron and folate, and low in calories. Whether as a garnish or as a meal, Supafresh Mesculin is Western Australia’s premium salad.

Rocket Supafresh Rocket has a pronounced peppery taste on the palate. It is a perfect compliment to steak or simply drizzled with balsamic and served as a healthy, tasty side. Rocket is a wonderful gourmet pizza topping or a great addition to homemade burgers. Rocket contains no fat or cholesterol and is low in calories. It is an excellent source of vitamin A (up to 40 percent of daily requirement per serve), vitamin C (up to 20 percent of daily requirement per serve), calcium and iron. Supafresh rocket is a seriously delicious and healthy choice.

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